Romania’s West Region won The Regional International Tournament 2018

On Saturday and Sunday, there were four teams who competed to the Regional International Tournament for Children under 14: AJF Arad (coaches Adi Sas and Sandu Gaica), Western Region (coaches Flavius Moisă and Marius Ciubăncan), KPK Plana , Serbia and FC Balmazujvaros, Hungary.

It was a wonderful competition, the children were encouraged from the parents’ stands, the hymns of the countries represented in the competition were sung, it was something unforgettable for the little footballers.

The special guest of the unusual tournament was Miodrag Belodedici. The former defender of the „Tricolori” national team is director of the Romanian Football Federation’s Junior Centers and has always stay togher with Adrian Lucaci, President of the Arad County Football Association.

The tournament was won by the West Region with wins on the line, the full results of the competiton being as follows:

KPK Plana – West Region 0-4

Balmazujvaros – AJF Arad 3-1

KPK Plana – Balmazujvaros 4-2

West Region – AJF Arad 4-2

AJF Arad – KPK Plana 5-3

Balmazujvaros – West Region 0-5

The ranking saw a tie between ranking 2-4. Thus, the classification was made through a three-way ranking, as follows:

West Region 9 pct.

KPK Plana 3 pct.

AJF Arad 3 pct.

Balmazujvaros 3 pct.

West Region Team: Goalkeepers: Andrei Deac (Arad county), Valentin Velcea (Timiş county), Field players: Bogdan Pervescu, Laurenţiu Deac (both from Caras Severin county), Sebastian Boţţ, Alex Adamcsik, Ionut Pop, Mario Pele, Cristian Mihai, Andrei Botoroaga, Ştefan Ursu, Ahmet Enemki (all from Arad county), Tudor Moţiu, David Roşu, Alexandru Kosko, Marco Mircea, Dan Purece, Lucian Gologan, Cristian Grancea, Raul Turcaş and Robert Ehling (all from Timiş county). Coaches: Flavius ​​Moisă, Marius Ciubăncan.

Here is a link for a wonderfull Pictures gallery from the matches:

Galerie foto Turneul Selecționatelor

Here are some pictures from the award ceremony:



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