The second edition of the Regional International Tournament starts today!

The weekend of the events dedicated to the anniversary of the 120 years of football in Romania begins on Friday morning, with the second edition of the International Regional Tournament. The competition reserved for the juniors born in 2005 and younger brings them to the foreground on the „Motor” field four teams: Szeged Grosics Akademia (Hungary), FK Sporto Zrenjanin (Serbia), Western Romania and AJF Arad, who will face after the championship system, each with each other.

Last summer’s edition was won by the Western Romania, with players from Timis, Hunedoara and Caraș Severin counties.

In charge of the tournament is Cristian Sculici, a regional reference of Romanian Football Federation (RFF), located in Arad. „We are very well organized, we have the experience of last year, we are logistically trained to ensure all the conditions for our guests. We want to record a growth in value, the matches will be supervised by Gheorghiță Geolgău, the head of the RFF scouting department, but there will also be area referrals from Timiș, Bihor, Cluj, Caraș-Severin. The Western Romania team is made up of players from Oradea, Cluj, Satu Mare, Timișoara, so it gives children the chance to be seen and to make the step towards the national team. We hope that next year we will move to another level, to be a continuation of the Hope Tournament coordinated by Mr. Geolgău, in the sense that we would like to attract national teams from the Balkan area, 11 countries plus Arad as organizer. It is a challenge, we hope to grow slightly, to 3-4 nationals next year, then add a few more each year. If the ˝Francisc Neuman˝ stadium is completed the next year, we believe that Arad will be able to provide good conditions with the few fields we have left to face such a challenge ”, says Sculici.

The Program of the International Regional Tournament

Friday, August 23, 2019

9.30 am: FK Sporto Zrenjanin – Western Romania

11.00 am: Szeged –  AJF Arad

5.30 pm Szeged – FK Sporto Zrenjanin

19.30 Western Romania  –  AJF Arad

Saturday, August 24, 2019

9.30 Western Romania – Szeged

11.00 AJF Arad – FK Sporto Zrenjanin

13 o’clock: The award ceremony

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